Unity Trade Union Centre (EVC) 1943-1948

Collection former Stichting Film en Wetenschap / E. Nijhof
Time period: 1943-1948
Number of interviews: 8
Accessibility: For research purposes
Transcripts: Summaries
Period of interviews: 1972


De Eenheidevakcentrale EVC 1943-1948 // Paul Coomans, Truike de Jonge, Erik Nijhof

oospronkelijk: doctoraalscriptie

ISBN : 9789001390167

In 1944, the foundations were laid for an entirely new trade union organisation, the Eenheidsvakbeweging (EVB). This was an initiative of the underground leadership of the Communist Party of the Netherlands (CPN), which had played an important role in the resistance and hoped to be able to convert the respect it had gained into key positions in post-war society.


In addition to participating in a progressive government, she also envisaged playing a leading role in a renewed trade union movement, in which the old ideological oppositions would be overcome in the interests of the joint struggle for optimum working conditions.


For more information on the interviews and the interviewees, see: SFW Work Edition no. 8 (1995), pp. 4, 15, 16, 18, 19, 24, 29, 35.


The EVC opposed the colonial war and wanted to organise a strike against it, but in vain.