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Unskilled labour

Stichting Film en Wetenschap / Abram de Swaan
Number of interviews: 6
Accessibility: restricted
Transcripts: yes
Period of interviews: 1971
Medium: 29 audiotapes

The interviews were made for the VARA television production Een boterham met tevredenheid (55′) by Abram de Swaan and Paul van den Bos, broadcast on 1 May 1971.

The context of the film and the making of the interviews was covered in Vrije Geluiden, among other publications. VPRO programme magazine for TV and radio, no 18, 1-8 May 1971.
The interviewees talk about their work (skilled or unskilled) and any previous occupations or work circles.

Boon is a metal worker (plate presser) at DAF; Ten Dolle is a textile worker (stretcher) at the Enka in Emmen; Hilkhuyzen is a punch typist at the computer centre of an insurance company; Mathijsen – not included in the documentary – is a metal worker at Tomado; Oussoren is a cable braider at Draka; Spoelstra is a biscuit packer at Albert Heijn. The interview with Hilkhuyzen was conducted by Langebach.



  • M.H. Boon
  • G.J. ten Dolle
  • Mrs W. Hilkhuyzen
  • Mr Mathijsen
  • A.R. Oussoren
  • Mrs Spoelstra-Leendert


Interviewer(s): Bram de Swaan, Laurie Langebach

De Swaan published the interviews in abridged form in his book Een boterham
met tevredenheid. Gesprekken met arbeiders, Amsterdam:
Van Gennep, 1972.