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We women demand

Abortusdemonstratie 10 sep 1977 - Fotograaf Sjan Bijman - F63-98
Time period: 1974-1984
Number of interviews: 12
Accessibility: Online
Transcripts: Unknown

What struggles have women in the Netherlands fought for self-determination and proper access to abortion?
The action group Wij Vrouwen Eisen grew out of Dolle Mina’s abortion group. In 1974, the group organized a large demonstration with three demands:


  • abortion out of the penal code
  • abortion in the health insurance system
  • the woman decides


That demonstration was followed by many years of action for free abortion, education and lobbying.

In 2020, members of We Women Demand will launch five filmed interviews about the action committee’s abortion struggle together with Atria. The films will complement the archive of We Women Demand that can be accessed at Atria.