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Witnesses & Contemporaries

Getuigen & Tijdgenoten (NIOD, KITLV)
Time period: 1945-1949
Number of interviews: 76, of which 5 group interviews
Accessibility: The collection is not accessible (yet). The collection will be unlocked in 2023.
Transcripts: Abstracts are available. Transcripts of most interviews are available; a report is available of a small number.
Period of interviews: 2017-2022
Medium: Digital audio flies (WAV, MP3, M4A, OGG)

Interviews conducted in local Indonesian languages include a translation into Bahasa Indonesia.

The interviews conducted in Bahasa Indonesia by Fridus Steijlen have been translated into English.


The material is managed by the NIOD. In the near future, the collection will be included at Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS).

Within the research program Independence, decolonization, violence and war in Indonesia, 1945-1950, the Witnesses & Contemporaries project focuses on collecting the experiences of those involved in the Netherlands, Indonesia and other countries. The Witnesses & Contemporaries project aims to build a bridge between people who experienced the period between 1945 and 1950 in Indonesia and researchers.


The interviews focus on events and experiences in the years 1945 – 1949.
They mainly discuss Indonesia and the Netherlands. Themes include Indonesian revolution, KNIL, Darul Islam, Tentara Pelajar, TNI, Royal Navy, veterans, conscription, refusal of command, war criminal, MARVA, VHK, Red Cross, daily life, violence, demarcation line, protection camps, republican camps, Bandung Lautan Api, language, loyalties, eyewitness accounts, positioning, remembering and forgetting.




getuigen en tijdgenoten