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Women in the Resistance in Henegouwen

CegeSoma / Fabrice Maerten
Time period: 1940-1945
Number of interviews: 33
Accessibility: reading room
Transcripts: no

French: 33


Original media: audiotapes, audiocassettes and minidisks


Mandatory registration as a reader of the General State Archives and State Archives in the Provinces.

Medium: mp3; wav; fla


Number of interviews: 33

fra: 33

Transcriptions: no

Original carriers: audiotapes, audiocassettes and minidiscs

Current files: mp3; wav; flac

Accessibility: in the reading room

Obligatory registration as reader of the General State Archives and State Archives in the Provinces.

Fabrice Maerten is a graduate of the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), where he defended a thesis on political and ideological resistance in the Hainaut province during the Second World War. A specialist in resistance movements and the Catholic world in Belgium during the same period, he is currently in charge of the valourising the archival fonds of CegeSoma, where he has worked since 1995. He has already held several positions there: French-speaking editor for the Cahiers d’Histoire du Temps Présent, head of the documentation and communication sector, and interim director.

Most of the interviews conducted by Fabrice Maerten focus on women in the Resistance in Hainaut. Fabrice Maerten has also analysed administrative files and reports in the underground press that shed light on men’s perspectives on women in the resistance which raise, among other issues, the question of the presence of women in the Resistance as a factor in their emancipation over the long term. These interviews resulted in the publication of several articles. CegeSoma also holds personal records of several interviewees, which complement the recorded interviews.