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Workers’ Youth Central (AJC)

Collection former Stichting Film en Wetenschap
Time period: 1918 - 1959
Number of interviews: 16
Accessibility: For research purposes
Transcripts: None
Period of interviews: 1981-1984 & 1991
Medium: 8 sound tapes and 17 cassette tapes

De Meiroep, 1931 – Ontwerp Fré Cohen

The interviewees are all former AJC members. The interviews were held on behalf of De Kok’s research into the history of the Dutch Workers’ Youth Central, in cooperation with the Stichting Onderzoek AJC.
Among those interviewed are a number of people who are known in other contexts: the historian Frits de Jong Edz. (1919-1989), the photographer Aart Klein (born 1909), the secretary of the Stichting Onderzoek AJC Ad van Moock and the political scientist/demographer Philip van Praag sr. (born 1914). The Dutchman Meilof was one of the editors of the book De AJC… dat waren wij. Herinneringen van oud-leden, Haarlem:
Stichting Onderzoek AJC, 1985. The interviews with Klein are only partly about his experiences in the AJC; they mainly deal with his life as a photographer between about 1930 and 1970.
De Kok and Peter Mol conducted the interview with Van der Kramer in January 1991. Besides his experiences in the AJC, the interview focused on the (8mm) amateur film he made for the AJC in 1937, which featured the May 1 celebrations in Zaandam and the SDAP election campaign that year.