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Drenthe during the war

Time period: 1940-1945
Number of interviews: 57
Accessibility: Partly accessible
Transcripts: Unknown

In the years 1985-1990 interviews were recorded with 57 people who played an important role in Drenthe during the Second World War. Most interviewees were active in the Drenthe resistance movement. Many witness stories are about acts of resistance, such as the raid on the Assen prison in 1944, the actions of Knokploeg Noord in the north of Drenthe, mayor Wytema of Beilen, who refused to cooperate in the deportation of Jews, and the hamlet of Nieuwlande where 300 to 400 Jews went into hiding and survived the war, thanks in part to resistance fighter Johannes Post. Victims of the war were also interviewed. Collaborators were also interviewed, and their stories were kept anonymous. One of the NSB members whose story was told was Jacob Luitjens, nicknamed ‘The terror of Roden’.
The interviews have now been described and partly placed on the internet.
Interviews that cannot be published for reasons of privacy can be listened to at the Drents Archive.

Re-enacted resistance situations from the Second World War in the countryside of the Drenthe village of Nieuwlande: German soldiers enter a house, a man (the Reverend Jan Simon van den Bos) cycles up, wants to enter, but is held at gunpoint and led into the church next to the presbytery. Images of audience and soldiers walking around with drawn pistols. A man (Arnold Douwes) cycled past houses and delivered postcards, among others to the J. van der Helm family; a man in hiding jumped out of a barn and ran away through the snow across the meadows.


Verzetsfilm / M. Levie, 1945-1950

Beeldnummer: 2209-AV7562
Collectie Groninger Archieven