Victoria Factory

Collection former Stichting Film en Wetenschap


Interviewer: Anke de Jong
Number of interviews: 5
Type of interview(s): scientific
Production date: May-July 1996

Accessibility: for research purposes
Transcription: none

The interviews were held for De Jong’s doctoral thesis on history (RUG). The thesis has the form of an audio documentary.
The interviewees talk about the period when they were employed by the biscuit and chocolate factory Victoria in Dordrecht. For instance, De Jong (born 1924) worked in the warehouse for several years in the early 1940s. Doorneveld (born 1915) had a job in the office of the company in the thirties, after a short time at the teacher training college. Besides their daily lives at the time, the circumstances under which they worked are discussed. By the way, both of them quit their jobs when they got married.


See also: Anke de Jong, Kasja Weenink, De Biscuit- en chocoladefabriek Victoria (1896-1966). Het perspectief van een Dordtse ondernemersfamilie. Dordrecht, 2000 – ISBN : 9789080549715

Publiciteit Victoria Koekelberg, 1939