Veterinary Medicine

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Number of interviews: 3
Accessibility: for research purposes
Transcripts: Beijers none; Seekles full; Ten Thije index
Period of interviews: 1970

Medium: 7 sound tapes

The interviews were conducted for the purpose of the historical study by C. Offringa, Van Gildestein naar Uithof


For more information on the interviews and interviewees, see: SFW werkuitgave no. 8 (1995), pp. 5, 38, 44.



  • Prof. dr. J.A. Beijers
  • prof. dr. L. Seekles
  • prof. J.H. ten Thije


Interviewers: S.R. Numans, R.L. Schuursma

Van Gildestein naar Uithof : 150 jaar diergeneeskundig onderwijs in Utrecht

Author: C. Offringa

Utrecht : Faculteit der Diergeneeskunde R.U. Utrecht, 1971-1981. – 2 dl


The first volume, published as a dissertation in 1972, under the title: ‘s Rijks veeartsenijschool. Veterinary High School 1821-1925.
The material assembled in these two volumes is a resource for various groups of historians. The content is more than a barren enumeration of facts, more than a compilation of annual reports or data from almanacs. Moreover, the text is well documented. The content of the material has posed problems for the author, which will not surprise anyone who tries to give an overview of ‘modern’ developments in the institutions of education and scientific research, and moreover tries to place them in the social and political conditions of the period. Hence the author has secured helpers, largely former professors, who were still active in the period.

Utrecht World War II

Vrouw met kind in het centrum van Utrecht - © Nico Jesse - Nationaal Fotomuseum in Rotterdam
Leo van Rhenen
Time period: 1940-1945
Number of interviews: 24
Accessibility: for research purposes
Transcripts: no
Period of interviews: 1978

De geïnterviewden zijn allen Utrechtenaren die spreken over hun ervaringen in dagelijks leven en werk tijdens de bezettingsperiode 1940-1945.

Onder meer komen aan de orde: de inval van de Duitsers in mei 1940; razzia’s; de NSB. Van Rhenen hield de interviews uit interesse voor het (dagelijks) leven in Utrecht tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog.

The past told

Time period: 1920-1950


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Number of interviews: 250

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