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Faro platform Oral history online!

On the Faro platform , everyone involved with cultural heritage can discuss and contribute to the realisation of the Faro implementation agenda. An agenda with which we make proposals on how to translate the Faro Convention (Council of Europe) into concrete action in the Netherlands. Think about subjects such as heritage participation, accessibility and polyphony.


The research and all discussions within the heritage field revealed the importance of stories and oral history as a democratic and multi-voiced method. The ambitions for the implementation agenda are therefore in line with the goals of the Oral History Node – ‘Speaking History’. We have formulated three ambitions to which people can respond and add:


  • Recognition of the added value of oral history in the heritage field.
  • A place for exchanging knowledge and experiences, for stimulating and inspiring oral history initiatives.
  • Improving opportunities to secure oral history collections and make them retrievable and accessible.


We would like to hear your reactions and ideas. What do you think of these ambitions and how could they be put into practice? Leave a comment and help us build the Implementation Agenda for Faro. This ambition document is offered to the State Secretary of Culture as part of the signing and implementation of the Faro Treaty. 


Go directly to the topic Oral history on the platform and join the discussion. Once you have registered you can join in. See you on the platform!