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Faro programme and “Oral History for all”

State Secretary Gunay Uslu will sign the Faro Convention before the end of the year. This commits the Netherlands to the treaty’s agreements on the social value of cultural heritage. She reported this at the end of April in the parliamentary letter she sent, ‘Faro Convention: heritage is the work of man’. The treaty was drawn up by the Council of Europe and emphasises a perspective on heritage that focuses on people and their relationship with heritage.


The Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed will set up an implementation programme Faro to translate the principles of the convention into practice together with the heritage field. Earlier, various partners and stakeholders have explored the meaning of the convention for the Netherlands and how to embed it in heritage care. One of the initiatives mentioned is ‘Oral history voor iedereen’. 


From the Oral History Hub, we want to take the initiative to elaborate the motto ‘Oral history voor iedereen’. We are thinking of makers, users, custodians and the public. There is a great need for courses in interviewing, more and easier storage options, support in digitisation and transcription and in reaching the public. 


Take a look at this initiative and have your say!