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Getting Started

Discover what is involved in setting up an oral history project in this handy video. Learn what oral history is, how to start a project, capture stories, and archive them.




What practical solutions are there, how can I get started?

+How do I prepare an interview technically?

Some tips for the (technical) preparation of the interview

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+How can I transcribe?

There are several specialised tools for manual digital transcription.

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+Forms – consent & ownership?

This page contains sample forms that can be used in oral history projects.

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+Automatic speech recognition in transcription?

Automatic Speech Recognition, or ASR, is software that automatically converts recordings of spoken word into text. 

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+How to do a good interview?

For a good oral history interview, the following aspects are important:


  • Ways of approaching possible persons to interview
  • Good communication about the
    research questions and the project…
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+What are metadata?

Metadata is essential for access to oral history collections and for the reuse of a collection’s source material.

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Which tools can I use for:

+Transcription tools

An overview of free tools that help with transcribing

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+How can I record an interview with ZOOM?

In modern video conferencing software such as ZOOM, it is fairly easy to change the audio setting so that each speaker can be recorded on a separate channel.

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+Search and analysis tools
+Recording video: how do you do it?

This page deals with the technical side of recording video with a tripod video camera.

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Courses / trainings

What courses / trainings are there?

+Introductory course to Oral History

The Sprekende geschiedenis Hub regularly offers an online introductory course in oral history.

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+Oral history course – Erfgoed Gelderland

The course introduces you to oral history interview technique. With practical exercises, you will learn how to prepare, conduct and record an interview.

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+Oral History & Biography

dr. N.F.F. Karrouche

Period: P3


For this course, you must sign in yourself. Registration and deregistration deadlines can be found at

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+Oral History trainings – Annegriet Wietsma

A practical training course in Oral History Interview Techniques. Two-day workshop full of examples, illustrations, exercises and feedback.

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+Customized Oral History Course – BMP

Foundation BMP

Saskia Moerbeek

Frank von Meijenfeldt

Mila Lemmens

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+Internship – NLVI Expertise Centre

Dutch Veterans Institute
Expertise centre

Jeoffrey van Woensel

Marjolein van der Werf

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+Elective course Oral History – UvA

University of Amsterdam

Faculty of Humanities

Laura van Hasselt

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+Methodology Oral History – RUG

University of Groningen

Faculty of Arts

Barbara Henkes

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