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Grant for new project: Storianan Skondi di Karibe (The Hidden Stories of the Caribbean)

Photo: Rose Mary Allen interviews a woman in Curaçao in the 1980s

Lately, the Oral History Hub Sprekende Geschiedenis received good news: the Stimulation Fund for Creative Industry has honoured the application for the project Storianan Skondi di Karibe (The Hidden Stories of the Caribbean).


This project concerns the extensive oral history material Rose Mary Allen recorded in the 1980s and 1990s with elders, (grand)children of enslaved and migrant communities. This important source material is on outdated cassettes and is in danger of being lost if it is not digitised soon.


In 2024, in close cooperation with Rose Mary Allen, DANS, The National Archive Curaçao and Sound and Vision, the Hub will work to digitise, make accessible and present the stories that offer valuable insights into traditions, culture and language in the Dutch Caribbean.


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