“Sprekende geschiedenis” is the hub of organisations and people engaged in oral history. Find out what stories and collections there are, where to find them and get started with oral history yourself!



Annegriet Wietsma, documentary maker and oral history teacher

By collecting the stories of children of Dutch soldiers in Indonesia, we were able to make this taboo subject discussable. If they themselves and also their mothers tell their story you can not ignore it

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Witness Testimonials

This website keeps alive the stories and personal testimonies about World War II

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Black, migrant and refugee women

Life stories of women with a migrant background, who make an important contribution to the black migrant and refugee women's movements, captured in pictures.

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The Voice of Leiden

The interviewers of The Voice of Leiden have spoken to dozens of older Leiden people about life in the key city in the past. A total of 114 interviews were published.

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Oral History in the Classroom

On the HAN website, you will find examples of oral history interviews made by students, teaching materials that can be used in the classroom & handy guides for starting your own oral history project with students.

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Latest news and agenda

Pre-registration Symposium ‘Oral History for Everyone’

Date: 28-10-2022
Time: 11:00
Location: Sound and Vision The Hague
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Project Freedom as theme

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Vacancy: researcher Inventory of Oral History Collections of the Dutch East Indies – NIOD-KNAW

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New initiative: the Dutch Muslim Archive

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Open Hour SSH: live Q&A every Monday

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Book Oral History on longlist of the first edition Prijs voor het Belangrijkste Boek

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Getting started yourself?

+What is oral history?

Oral history is the collection and study of life stories, people’s testimonies about historical events, and records the meaning they give to their surroundings. It concerns stories that are collected by means of (open) interviews and by using other oral sources.


+How to conduct a good interview

The oral history interview revolves around the personal story of the interviewee.


+How can I transcribe?

There are several specialised tools for manual digital transcription.


+How do I prepare an interview technically?

Tips on the recording location, audio and video.


+What courses and trainings are there?

There are several possibilities to take oral history courses or trainings. We have listed them for you.


How can I become a partner?

Does your organisation want to contribute to the development of the Hub and put issues on the agenda itself? Then join us as a partner of the Hub and enjoy extra benefits.




There are several oral history programmes for education. You can find a growing overview here.


Freedom then and now

Freedom often comes up in people’s stories. This applies to people who experienced the Second World War, to people who had to flee their country, but also to other groups.



Interview collection Stichting Mondelinge Geschiedenis Indonesië

Oral history collection on ‘the end of the colonial Dutch presence in Asia’.


Projects & Research

The Dutch home birth culture

The life stories, the oral history, of the midwives, maternity nurses and gynaecologists …