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New instruction video: How to set up an Oral history project?

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5 questions for Eline Pollaert

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This is Oral History

In this video, we dive deeper into the meaning and value of oral history and talk more about the mission of the Sprekende Geschiedenis Hub.

Getting started yourself?

+What is oral history?

Oral history is the collection and study of life stories, people’s testimonies about historical events, and records the meaning they give to their surroundings. It concerns stories that are collected by means of (open) interviews and by using other oral sources.


+How to conduct a good interview

The oral history interview revolves around the personal story of the interviewee.


+What courses and trainings are there?

There are several possibilities to take oral history courses or trainings. We have listed them for you.


+How to transcribe more easily?

There are several specialized tools for manual and automatic digital transcription.


How can I become a partner?

Does your organisation want to contribute to the development of the Hub and put issues on the agenda itself? Then join us as a partner of the Hub and enjoy extra benefits.