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New instruction video: How to set up an Oral history project?


The Oral History Hub “Sprekende geschiedenis” has developed a new instructional video in collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Armando Ello. This video is made for anyone who wants to start an oral history project. Find out what is involved in setting up an oral history project in this handy video. Learn what oral history is, how to set up a project, capture stories and archive them.


The video covers the following topics:


00:00 – What is oral history?

00:35 – How do you start an oral history project?

03:23 – Preparing for interviews

05:36 – Consent and GDPR

06:12 – Interview techniques

07:12 – Archiving

08:00 – Transcribing

09:21 – Storage of archives

09:53 – Registering for the basic course


The Dutch Oral History Hub ”Sprekende geschiedenis” is a national networking organization dedicated to sharing, encouraging and developing knowledge and experience in the field of oral history. For more information, visit getting started