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An ‘After the War’ guest lesson

National centre post-war guest speakers WW2 to present day 

In times when racism, anti-Semitism and polarisation are all around you, it is important to make these difficult topics discussable as early and well as possible. After the War therefore tells the family stories of World War II to children and young people to confront them with discrimination and dehumanisation on a large scale.  In such a way that the story gets under your skin, so to speak.


From the power of the personal story, our guest speakers make a link to contemporary social developments; in the world, the Netherlands, the classroom and with the students himself. Ultimately, it is about how the student relates to issues such as racism and polarisation. That is where we hold up a mirror to them.


In order for our guest speakers to be prepared, they develop their stories in text, form and image under professional guidance. During this process, which lasts more than four months, their presentation and teaching skills are trained.


A guest lesson at After the War consists of a visual story, a reflection in the form of a conversation/discussion and an active component.