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Ancestors unKnown Netherlands

The hidden stories that come to light through genealogical research are added to the teaching programme. In this way, not only is ‘written’ about, but also ‘written’ by the pupils themselves.


In search of family history
Ancestors unKnown Netherlands is intended for primary and secondary schools. Pupils are invited to go in search of their ancestors and their family history through oral history interviews, genealogical research and archive research. At the same time, they are offered history lessons that offer a multi-voiced perspective on colonial and migration histories.


Watch the knowledge clip about Ancestors unKnown below:

The Ancestors unKnown Family Stories Toolkit for families will be available for purchase starting this fall.


Maybe you have already seen our Family Stories Toolkit on the social media. It is a package that allows children to talk to their families and share stories.


The Toolkit contains a booklet with questions and assignments, Family Stories cards, a family tree sheet, ideas for various activities with the family and more….


The toolkit is one of the projects of the alliance ‘The incredible stories of our ancestors’.


The Family Stories Toolkit is compiled by Dana Saxon (founder of Ancestors unKnown) and Helen Sumter (project manager Ancestors unKnown Netherlands), designed by Helma Timmermans and (final) edited by Maartje Oome.