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Specially Unknown


The source material from Ongekend Bijzonder, as presented on this website, can be used well in education. This is especially true for secondary education in subjects such as history and social studies.


On the basis of the book by Elias van der PlichtAchterlaten en opnieuw beginnen a timeline has been created of “400 years of refugees in the Netherlands”.


Besides using Ongekend Bijzonder material for history lessons, it can also be used for social studies lessons.

The source material of “Ongekend Bijzonder” covers various subjects that can be discussed as contemporary issues:


  • discrimination
  • exclusion
  • identity
  • integration
  • norms and values
  • prejudices


All these subjects can be illustrated with fragments from the life stories collected in Ongekend Bijzonder. Some of the fragments are arranged thematically.


Topics supported with interview excerpts are:



The Ongekend Bijzonder can thus be an inspiring source for history and social studies teachers.