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The World of the East

Here you will find the working methods developed for The World of East and the film East. The tools are aimed at classroom discussion and research from a multi-perspective approach. They can be used in subjects such as history, CKV, (mbo) citizenship or project education and higher education.


The film De Oost is available on request for screening in schools and higher education via Movies that Matter. You can request the film here. For workshop requests and other questions, please send an e-mail to


The working methods are in line with THE STORIES on The World of the East. They give context to the events from De Oost from five different perspectives and cover a wider period than the film. In the Q&A you can read more about the film, the periodization and perspectives.


For some forms of work it is necessary to watch De Oost first, this is indicated for each form. The age limit for De Oost is 16+, DE VERHALEN can be used from the 3rd grade. You can also use DE VERHALEN to find suitable source material for your lesson. Do you want to search quickly for specific subjects? Then use the work form Glossary.