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Veteran in the classroom

Schaarsbergen - De oefening Falcon Autumn is in volle hevigheid begonnen. Maandag is de air assault aanval op het oefendorp Marnehuizen door het 12e Infanterie bataljon luchtmobiel. Opweg naar de oefening, in de Chinook. foto: Evert-Jan Daniels

As part of the exhibition ‘The Red Beret’, about 25 years of the Airborne Brigade, the Veterans Institute and the Airborne Museum work together to link the past with the present.

In addition to the educational programmes ‘Suitcases full of stories’ and ‘Armband of Friendship’, schools can hear an Airborne Brigade veteran talk about his or her experiences during various missions in the museum. What do Dutch soldiers actually do and what do they experience?


For who?


Work format
Veteran in the classroom. Can only be booked in combination with one of the educational programmes.


60 minutes