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The Voice of Leiden

Thuisnaaister in de huiskamer

The interviewers of De Stem van Leiden have spoken to dozens of older Leiden people about life in the past in the key city. By now the project has 126 interviews!


The oral history project, which started in 2015, is rock solid and is still ongoing. A clear manual has been made for interviewers and two information leaflets to hand out, both for people who want to tell about the past and for people who are interested in interviewing.


An overview of all the stories resulting from the interviews by the committee De Stem van Leiden, which is part of the Historische Vereniging Oud Leiden and works together with Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken and the Opleiding Geschiedenis of Leiden University:


De geschiedenis verteld – De Stem van Leiden


In february 2023 we spoke with two volunteers from the Voice of Leiden about their work. Curious about these results? See this link!