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A ‘second girl’ at Wargashuyse

Erfgoed Vught is setting up a working group to give substance to oral history about Vught. The Oral history pilot project on life at Wargashuyse in Vught has been completed.


‘Treasures of Vught’ is a publication of the Erfgoed Vught Foundation. The September issue is the first in the new, sixth, volume and again contains, for those interested in history and heritage, special information. Under the name ‘A ‘second girl’ on Wargashuyse’, Jozef Kok tells about life on the Wargashuyse estate, located on Hoevensestraat. He had the opportunity to record the story of Maria Merkx, who was still alive. After all, she was the ‘second girl’ employed by the highly regarded Van Roosendaal family. In a bit of a ‘Downton Abbey’-like setting, Maria Merkx’s life then played out.


Three lengthy interviews with Maria Merkx form the basis for this article. The first interview took place on 11 May, the second on 12 July and the third on 3 August 2023. Each time at her home. On 7 June, the author visited the estate and villa with Maria Merkx to reminisce.