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Birds that don’t fly die



Number of interviews: 5

Short sound fragments

Accessibility source material: unknown


A project of COJG (Centre for Youth Development of Ghana). The project is carried out by Ghanaian and Belgian volunteers from COJG and Ghendtsche Tydinghen (H.H.K.G.). They are supported by the staff of Heemkunde Vlaanderen, Amsab-ISG, Trefpunt, FZO-VL and the Foreign Shop. The project received the support of the City of Ghent and the Province of East Flanders.

The life stories of some Ghanaians or Belgians with Ghanaian roots in Ghent and East Flanders.


30 years of Ghanaians in Ghent and East Flanders
A Ghanaian community has been growing in Ghent and East Flanders since 1982. Meanwhile, there is a visible group of Ghanaians in Ghent. With a heritage project, we want to refresh the memory of the Ghanaian community and the host East Flanders and Ghent society by exploring the history of the community and its link to the region.