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Birthmothers and adoption children


The Paula Foundation was a home for unmarried pregnant women. It was run by the Little Sisters of St Joseph, a Heerlen congregation. After 1972, the foundation developed into a crisis shelter centre for women who were victims of domestic violence. Later, other target groups were added: victims of honour-related violence, men and also victims of human trafficking. This research should result in a book on the history of the Paulastichting and its legal successors, the Hera foundation and the Moviera foundation in Oosterbeek, in the spring of 2022.


In one of the courtyards of the Paula Foundation in Oosterbeek after its official opening on 31 May 1967 by Cardinal Alfrink.


Moviera’s Oosterbeek location closed in the spring of 2022. Moviera is a foundation for helping victims of domestic violence. At its request, Dr Anton van Renssen described the history of this location. That story begins in 1966, the year the Paula foundation moved from Utrecht to the Dreijerheide estate in Oosterbeek.