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Bombs on Mortsel

Mortsel. Het centrale Gemeenteplein met het oude gemeentehuis, waarvan de klok tot de afbraak op exact 15u32 zou blijven stilstaan.

Erik Pertz made numerous historical documentaries within the BRT’s science service, focusing mainly on ‘oral history’.

He made reportages for the new series ‘Document’. This started when in ’92 the science and art departments were merged into the culture department. There, Pertz was project manager for the scientific and ‘human interest’ programmes, including Document.


On 5 April 1943, US planes bombed Mortsel. They wanted to destroy the German Erla factory. But only a few of the 600 bombs hit targets. There were 936 dead, almost all civilians. Hundreds of homes and four schools had been wiped off the map by the bombs. More than 200 children were killed in what went down in history as the deadliest bombing in the Benelux region.