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Crisscrossing through Frimangron

Sranang Oso, Hubert Hermelijn - 21PHO-250

Kriskras door Frimangron
Cynthia McLeod, S. Prantl, Judith Steinmeier

KIT Publishers, 2003

ISBN: 9789068325379

The Frimangron district borders the centre of Paramaribo. It is the city’s first working-class neighbourhood, created after the first slaves were freed. Kriskras door Frimangron takes you on a walk through this historic district. In between, you can read background stories about the streets and houses you encounter afterwards. The stories in this book form the history of Frimangon and also paint a picture of Surinamese society then and now. These personal testimonies and orally transmitted tories (stories) have never been written down before. It would be a shame if they were lost, because the stories bring the neighbourhood to life.