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Every house gets a voice

Centrum (1951)

Fredewalda Antiquities Room Foundation wanted something other than a traditional antiquities room to show Tolbert’s history. The residents needed to be portrayed. So the idea was born to have old Tolberters tell stories about the old days on audio tape and video. The people interviewed should be able to tell something about life in Tolbert in the last century: how their parents lived there and how they themselves experienced those days. The films belong to a house, an object or a theme on the model.

Many films have been made over time.
One of the first to tell of his house and his work was Harke Meek. It was about Hoofdstraat 46 , where 4 generations of Meek had owned a Carpentry and Contractor’s business.


Because Harke Meek was a real Tolberter and knew a lot about the history of the village and its inhabitants, in the summer of 2009 we walked with him over the cemetery (also an object on the model) , while Harke told about striking Tolberters, who are buried there. Tjerk Bekius filmed it.