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Fat cattle market

Oral testimonies recorded about Zomergem’s Vette Veemarkt.

Interviews Gaby De Zutter


Fat Cattle Market


The book is the eighth issue within the Erfgoed Leeft series, which from now on will be called Erfgoed Meetjesland. This book is the first in a new layout with more color, more photos and more pages. In terms of content, we continue the familiar momentum of offering quality in a simple and clear style. We also keep the focus on oral testimonies. In this way, each edition takes on a personal character.

Welcome to the world of cattle fairs, with beautiful prize animals, proud farmers, large allotments and strict veterinarians. The Vette Veemarkt of Zomergem occupies a special place in the Meetjesland. Once a year this community is turned upside down. By means of personal stories we tell the story of this alive tradition.