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Flemish fishermen

Archiefbeeld uit 'De zee van toen'. © RV


broadcast date: 17 april 1984

“Oral history of Flemish Fishermen” (17/4/1984).

What were working conditions like at the turn of the century in Belgium (and elsewhere)? The melancholy and pride that resounds again and again in the stories always strikes and moves. Not only in fishing but also in many other branches of industry back then, people had to toil hard, they literally earned their little money in the sweat of their brow.

No wonder, then, that most conscious workers of the time went to work to improve their living conditions, that socialism meant so much to them and was seen as a godsend, a relief from worry. Thanks to the struggle of many brave people of the period, a lot has changed and improved over the years, working conditions have become more humane.

The series contains unique period documents that will gain value later on.