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In the talking chair

Op de praatstoel – Verhalen uit Noordoost Friesland vanaf 1850

Historische Vereniging Noordoost Friesland, 2008

2008 marked the 20th anniversary of the North-East Friesland Historical Society. As part of this, 14 members went out to interview 31 elderly people.
These interviews cover all kinds of topics, such as the [disappeared] profession of the interviewees, village and city life of the past century and wartime experiences.
As they are not only told from their own experience, but also pass on stories from parents and grandparents and, in one case, great-grandparents, the book covers a time span of up to 150 years.
The interviews are supplemented by a number of ego documents, people’s own previously written accounts of part of their lives.
The 37 stories published in this book provide a beautiful and vivid portrait of life in the Northeast Friesland region over the past 100 years. Some of the stories are recorded in Frisian.
More than 200 photos, in the ± 300-page thick book provide a valuable addition and make the whole a fine reading and viewing book of one’s own area.
Members of the association and interested parties can pre-order the book until 1 March 2008 for just 15 euros + 3.35 postage. After 1 March, the book will cost slightly more + any postage. The book will be released in mid-April and will be presented at the members’ meeting on Saturday 19 April in Dokkum.