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Millers in North Holland


In 2017, the Dutch Milling profession was declared an Intangible World Heritage Site by Unesco. In addition to traditions, rituals, and customs, the list of Intangible Heritage includes crafts and professions that people do not want to be lost and want to pass on to future generations. Protecting intangible heritage can be done by keeping it alive (using it), passing on knowledge and skills, and by recording the stories of the practitioners of the craft and passing them on to the public.


With the new Molenaars in Noord-Holland storytelling project, Stichting Verhalen Verbinden wants to record and pass on the story of the miller and other crafts that contribute to maintaining the mill. They will do this through storytelling meetings with millers, public meetings and especially by recording all the stories of millers, other mill professions and the volunteers and professionals involved in the mills in a book. Characteristic of their books is that they are low-threshold and accessible to a wide audience.


Uitgeverij Noord-Holland, publisher of the books Leven van de Wind (2007) and Molens in Noord-Holland (1981), would like to publish the book. The book with personal stories nicely complements these ‘standard works’ on mills in North Holland.

The book will be published in the 2nd half of 2023.