Naked and bare before the doctor

Neaken en bleat foar de dokter,  ferhalen út ‘e sprekkeamer

Hylke Speerstra

Uitgeverij Bornmeer, 2006

ISBN: 9789056151348

In his second book, Neaken en bleat foar de dokter (Naked and bare before the doctor) (1978), Speerstra applied the oral history method: it was written based on interviews with doctors and veterinarians.


Speerstra has written down the memories of 15 Frisian doctors, including a surgeon, a dentist and a veterinarian. It has become a readable, exciting book that captures a beautiful piece of folk life. It takes place entirely in the countryside. The stories are anecdotal, funny and often very sensitive, in a natural, idiomatic language. Thus, the great social contrasts experienced by the doctors-in-rest are also touchingly drawn.