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Ode to my father, the guest worker

Library Midden-Brabant


Programme maker Halima el Hajoui-Özen


City museum Tilburg


Turkish and Moroccan guest workers have been part of Tilburg’s history for almost 60 years. Through family reunification, their families also came to the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Tilburg has become home to many children and grandchildren of these guest workers. But until now, their stories are still missing from the city’s tangible and intangible heritage.


Programme maker Halima el Hajoui-Özen and Stadsmuseum Tilburg therefore developed a programme on the arrival of Turks and Moroccans in Tilburg and Udenhout in the 1960s and 1970s. Part of this is this video in which three children of guest workers tell about their fathers.


About the Central Brabant Library

The Library wants to make people’s world bigger. After all, all inhabitants of Midden-Brabant deserve the chance to develop their talents and should be able to participate optimally in society. Knowledge and stories are essential for this. The Library is in full swing in this respect.