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Oral history interviews with former BBs

Interviews with former BBers on Lunet 1
As concerns about war in Europe grow, calls for a contemporary version of the BB are heard. Four former BBers give their personal opinions and are happy to share their experiences in a conversation at the National Command BB bunker at Lunet 1 in Utrecht. And what they think of a BB 2.0


Thanks to the interviewees who share their personal stories:

  • Kees Walter, 84, with the BB Utrecht from the late 1950s
  • Dick van Schouwen, 71, BB Rotterdam, from late ’73 to mid ’75
  • Roger Unger, 91, BB Utrecht from ’62 to ’72
  • Cor Kaïm, 72, BB Rotterdam, from ’73 to dissolution in ’86


Interviews with former BBers:
Concept and interviews: Menno Heling (ifthenisnow, V6, Erfgoed Expert Team prov Utrecht)
Camera and editing: Willem Hoogenboom Contact:

With thanks to Gemeente Utrecht and Provincie Utrecht