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Oral sources

Sigaren maken bij Duc George – 1930. Wim de Greefs vader op de voorgrond midden.

Everyday life in the village

The core idea of the Oral Sources project is to describe life in a village; the everyday things of ordinary Veldhoven people. It describes the village of Veldhoven that grew out of its seams. We strive for as wide a cross-section of the village as possible, including people who were not born here. They are now in the majority.


List of people to be interviewed
With that in mind, the project group created a list that now includes 35 narrators. Among them are a baker’s son, some entrepreneurs, a letter carrier, a family doctor, a milkman, a grocer and a midwife. They are all people who stand among many other people. Because they are often elderly, some urgency is required.


Conversation topics
The working group has collected all possible discussion topics in a systematic overview of themes, questions and keywords. In this way we can give a balanced picture of Veldhoven society today and of the period we remember. Themes are: work and income, culture (what did we think, what did we do, what did the environment expect from us), physical conditions (such as weather conditions and how we lived) and personal experiences.


Project group composition
The project group consists of Dr. Ton Sliphorst (project leader), Liesbeth Beerens, Harry de Bot, Loes Hoogstad, Ad Jansen, and Rudy Snel.