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Smart Care: Artist Intent and Artist Interviews’ launched

Status: In progress

Project lead: dr. S. Stigter

Institution: University of Amsterdam

Duration: 1 August 2023 to 31 July 2024

Research programme: XS

File number: 406.XS.01.148

From 1 August, Sanneke Stigter’s project Smart Care: Artist Intent and Artist Interviews will start. The project, which was granted funding in NWO’s Open Competition SGW – XS, focuses on whether artificial intelligence could take over the artist’s voice in conservation research.


The Open Competition SGW – XS gives researchers with a promising idea or an innovative and risky initiative the chance to apply for funding for their research. Proposed projects have to be groundbreaking and contribute to existing and new scientific insights.


The granted project:


Smart Care: Artist Intent and Artist Interviews
Conducting interviews with artists, curators and other stakeholders is essential in conservation research to understand unconventional contemporary works of art. However, artist intent is not unambiguous and may evolve over time and be shaped or changed in the dialogue with artists. What if the artist is no longer around; could artificial intelligence then take over the artist’s voice? This project investigates this wicked question to support decision-making around reinstallation and restoration of complex artworks in a ground-breaking approach nurturing smart care for a sustainable future of complex artworks.



Artist Interview met Lydia Schouten. Foto: Sanneke Stigter