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Stories from the Rotterdam women’s movement

What exactly is the history of the Rotterdam women’s movement and what has it achieved in recent decades? That is the subject of the exhibition ‘Gerse vrouwen’ at gallery and heritage lab DIG IT UP.


If you want to participate, you can now register for an Oral History course. 


Series of workshops

In a series of three workshops Stories in Motion, you’ll learn the ins and outs of Oral History interviewing, and then get to work yourself. You’ll interview up to three people and process the interviews in such a way that they are findable for researchers and other interested parties.


The first workshop takes place on Saturday 16 October at Dona Daria. The second workshop takes place on Friday 12 November at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The third workshop is scheduled for a Friday in January 2022, at the Stadsarchief Rotterdam. The closing of Stories in Motion will take place in the week of 8 March 2022, the week of International Women’s Day.