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Talking eyes

Interviews with people with a relationship to the former Dutch East Indies
The interviews were conducted for the travelling photo exhibition Eyes that Speak. This is an initiative of Cathy Folmer and photographer Roy van Veen of the Zwolle-based Budi Santoso 1995 Foundation. The interviews discuss the influence of Dutch colonialism and the former Dutch East Indies on society and the connection the interviewees have with this colonial history. The exhibition travels throughout the Netherlands and has already been shown in Zwolle and Kampen. On 5 May 2023, Prime Minister Rutte will visit the exhibition as part of his visit to Overijssel.

The foundation expects to add 2 – 6 interviews to the collection every year.

The interviews focus on events and experiences in the years 1890 – 2023.
They mainly discuss Indonesia and the Netherlands. Themes include home, freedom, equality, racism, resilience and integration.

The collection is managed by Roy van Veen, Budi Santoso Foundation 1995.
Access: The collection is not (yet) accessible. The collection will become available during 2023.
If interested, contact can be made via the website: