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The pantry, nice for later


Duration of research: 2014 – present

From the Culinary Historical Heritage Centre, we research and publish the importance of food preservation. The importance of preserving agricultural surpluses this within the framework of corporate social responsibility. Sustainability is of paramount importance.

Lekker voor later wants to investigate which methods are left over from the generation that dealt with this. And which techniques are still used today. Is this still possible in multicultural Netherlands. Orally transmitted stories play a major role in this. These stories are recorded in a book “Alleen de geur blijft hangen. Een herinnering aan een eetmoment”.

Alleen de geur blijft hangen

een herinnering aan een eetmoment

This richly illustrated book will undoubtedly get the stamp of Culinary Heritage. And rightly so. The Culinary History Cooking Museum in Appelscha, following a successful call for responses, has collected over six years of personal memories of a food moment. This has yielded a wealth of delicious stories and recipes. The result is a book featuring many authors from all over the Netherlands. They chronicled historical experiences of unforgettable food moments during the war, holidays and special family events such as births, marriages and deaths. Complete with accompanying photographic material.

No scientific research preceded this unique, valuable book. Trends and tradition are filled in from lore by the authors. Lively, emotional, traditional, surprising and occasionally disconcerting. You will find it all in this unique book, a document to cherish.