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The tragedy of Oxerhof

Title: Spionage, arrestaties en moord aan de IJssel. Een speurtocht naar het duistere oorlogsverleden van Oxerhof en de activiteiten van het SD-Kommando Deventer 1943-1945

Author: Huub van Sabben

Publisher: Flying Pencil NL, Utrecht, 2020

ISBN: 9789081870269

The beautifully situated Oxerhof estate, under the smoke of Deventer, harbors a dark and well-hidden wartime past, only fragments of which have become common knowledge over time. The estate was requisitioned by the occupying forces in 1943, officially it was a hospital for SS soldiers, but in reality it was school for secret agents who had to gather information in Allied territory. A spy school. From November 1944, the Oxerhof became an SD prison where resistance fighters and deserters were incarcerated. In total, there were around two hundred prisoners and more than a hundred did not survive the war. The last 10 prisoners in the Oxerhof, a few hours before liberation by Canadians, were gruesomely murdered.


Around 2009, Huub van Sabben conducted fourteen interviews on this topic with different people on this topic. These interviews concern the period 1943-1945. For forty years Van Sabben worked on his magnus opus about the Oxerhof, a book called Spionage, arrestaties en moord aan de IJssel. Van Sabben dug through mountains of primary sources to create this book.

In this video Van Sabben speaks about his book and the Oxerhof.


The interviews can be found on in the archives of Collectie Overijssel