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Inauguratie van TNI-leiders. Beeldbank NIMH - Objectnummer 2155_800272

Publications linked to the collection:

Heshusius, C. A., Zwitzer, H. L., & Staf Chef Generale Staf/Bevelhebber Landstrijdkrachten. Sectie Krijgsgeschiedenis K.L. (1976). Verslag omtrent militair-historisch onderzoek in Indonesië over de periode 1945 – 1949 door een team van de sectie krijgsgeschiedenis K.L. In Sectie Krijgsgeschiedenis K.L. Staf Chef Generale Staf/Bevelhebber Landstrijdkrachten.


For further analysis, see: master’s thesis E.M.F.F. Miedema

“Wat weet zo’n meid in Den Haag er nou van?”


A comprehensive publication on the war with Indonesia failed to materialise. Instead, in 1977 Heshusius and Zwitzer published the retrospective The Royal Dutch East Indies Army 1830-1950: a retrospective. In this book, which consists mainly of photographs with short descriptions, the authors dwell on the Java War, the Aceh War, General van Heutsz, the capture of the Dutch East Indies by Japan, and at the end the ‘police actions’ are also briefly discussed.


Het Koninklijk Nederlands-Indische leger 1830-1950 – Een terugblik

H.L. Zwitzer en C.A. Heshusius
Sdu Uitgevers, 1977

ISBN: 9789012017633





An old collection from one of the predecessor organisations (Section Krijgsgeschiedenis KL) of the NIMH.

In 1976. C.A. Heshusius and H.L. Zwitzer conducted interviews with TNI leaders in Indonesia as part of military-historical research on the period 1945-1949.


In the summer of 1976, Heshusius and Zwitzer went to Indonesia for archive work and to conduct interviews with TNI chieftains, Indonesian military historians and politicians, for the purpose of their research. A short report of this visit was published. Heshusius and Zwitzer spent over two months in Indonesia, visiting several cities on Java.


Discussions are mainly about Indonesia. Themes include Indonesian revolution, tactics and organisation of TNI and KL/KNIL.