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Witnesses of the war

getuigen van de oorlog


Number of interviews: 109

In March 2020, Erfgoed Gelderland organised a number of WW2 cafes together with Rijnbrink, Omroep Gelderland and the Gelderland libraries. Visitors could bring their wartime objects to these and talk to each other. There was also space to tell war stories to myGelderland. They are personal stories, sometimes about the people themselves, and sometimes about a close family member. 

The special was supplemented with stories collected outside the WW2 cafes, for example by the Oral History Working Group of Erfgoed Gelderland. In addition, the project was taken up as an online project, ‘WW2 story wanted’, in March 2021, after it had to be prematurely aborted in 2020 due to coronagraphs.