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Women’s group Kelompok

Photo: National Black Women’s Day 1986, interview scene, © photographer unknown, archive Kelompok, collection IAV-Atria

The stories and experiences of the women in the Black, Migrant and Refugee Women’s Movement must be preserved. Many women from these groups are of advanced age and time is running out to keep this history from getting lost. It is Atria’s dream to record the life stories of the women from the Kelompok women’s group through Oral History, in addition to the archives already available. We can only continue to tell this history to future generations if we record these stories NOW.

Women’s group Kelompok
This group of Moluccan women played a major role in the emerging Black women’s movement. Among other things, Kelompok set up its own emancipation programmes. The archive of Kelompok came to Atria in 2016 with the wish to connect an ‘Oral History project’ to it. Over the past years, former members of Kelompok have further arranged the archive. Now it is time for an Oral History project. Only by making these histories visible and discussing them, we can counteract the exclusion and racism that continues to exist in the present.