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How can I transcribe?

Automatic Speech Recognition:



Transcription tools:

There are several specialised tools for manual digital transcription. Although it is not necessary to use specialised tools (you can also use Microsoft Word or Google Docs), it is useful to know different options. This makes transcribing less difficult and increases the possibilities of research using your transcriptions.


An advantage of using transcription software, for example, is that the “playing” of the sound and image is combined with “typing” the spoken text. This results in a transcription that is recorded with time codes, i.e. the start and end time of each text fragment (a word, a few words, a sentence or a paragraph) are known. This time alignment makes it possible to search for spoken words and to generate subtitles. In transcriptions made with an ordinary word processor (Notepad, Word, etc.) this time alignment is missing and the result is only text.