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Introductory course to Oral History

The Sprekende geschiedenis Hub regularly offers an online introductory course in oral history. This course will introduce you to the basics of oral history. You will also be given literature and examples to work on. In between meetings, you will work on small assignments alone or in pairs.


The course will deal with subjects such as:

  1. What is oral history?
  2. What can oral history interviews be used for?
  3. Interview attitude and interview technique
  4. Pros and cons of questionnaires and topic lists
  5. Knowledge about the context and the influence of the interviewer
  6. Recording, saving and storing interviews
  7. Metadata and transcriptions

The costs per participant are 130 euro.


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Participants can indicate in advance if there are specific questions or subjects they would like to know more about.


Online Introductiecursus Oral History