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Recording video: how do you do it?


Devices (equipment):

  1. Video camera (at least full HD)
  2. Set-up microphone (directional microphone) or tie microphone
  3. tripod
  4. power supply
  5. headphones
  6. SD card, at least 32 GB 10 (SD HC)
  7. Extension cable (reel)


The interview (technical)


On location

  1. Set up tripod (make sure it is level on the tripod)

  2. Take camera + microphone

  3. Screw directional microphone on top of camera – plug microphone into camera or attach tie microphone to clothing of person to be interviewed

  4. Insert SD card into camera

  5. Put camera (+ microphone) on a tripod (make sure the camera is level on the top of the camera)

  6. Connect camera to the mains (possibly via extension lead)

  7. Set up tripod + camera

  8. Distance to interviewee approx. 2 metres

  9. Positioning to the right of the interviewer, at an angle, so that the review screen is still visible to the interviewer

  10. Camera at eye level of respondent

  11. Framing – make sure that there is enough head and arm space and background (do not zoom in or out during the interview)

  12. The rule of thumb is 2/3 (left or right) and 1/3 (top).

  13. Hands visible.

  14. If the respondent is on the left, he/she should not look to the left (out of focus). Adjust your position as interviewer so that the respondent is looking at you (i.e. not directly into the camera).

  15. Make sure there is enough light (preferably during the day). Make sure the light falls on the face. Do not film in backlight.

  16. Switch the microphone on (the light turns green).

  17. Run test recording

  18. Listen back (with headphones for sound check)


Record interview and end

  1. Start recording
  2. Start interview
  3. Red light on record
  4. Check if camera is recording – check if time stamp is running
  5. End interview
  6. Stop recording
  7. Switch off microphone
  8. Dismantle camera and microphone
  9. Take out SD card
  10. Insert SD card into plastic cover