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Project Freedom as theme

What is Freedom for you?

On Thursday, May 19, the kick-off took place of the project ‘Freedom as a theme’ with ten young people from the Stagehuis Schilderswijk together with adult (ex) refugees at “Kwetu bij ons” in The Hague. The coming period they will work together on digital presentations on the meaning of freedom.


This first meeting was all about getting to know each other. First, a colour game was played. Then the young people interviewed the adults, participants, teachers and project staff. They were given three questions to choose from for the interview.  


1.    Tell a beautiful childhood memory

2.    Name a situation in which you felt very unfree

3.    What does freedom mean to you?


What would you do?

This resulted in very nice conversations, which made the youngsters feel like they were diving right into the lives of the interviewees.

After the break, they all watched some video fragments from oral history interviews with veterans, refugees and people who experienced World War II. “What would you do if you had to sign a statement that you would not do anything against the Germans?” This question produced nuanced answers. Especially because the man in the interview clip decided to sign so that he could later do something against the Germans.


Digital presentations 

During the next three meetings, all participants work in three mixed groups to create digital presentations. They can choose from three different techniques: smartphone art based on photos, stop-motion technique and working with film, text and sound. Teachers Ruben van Gogh, Farah Rahman and the duo Frank von Meijenfeldt & Iman Sohail show how to use different apps. But the most important thing is of course the imagination. How do you show what freedom means to people of the past and to yourself?


Exhibition at Sound and Vision in The Hague

The bar is set high, because based on the digital presentations a digital exposition will be made that will be shown at Sound & Vision in The Hague. The dates are still to be announced.