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Sobibor-interviews Selma Leydesdorff in collection US Holocaust Memorial Museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC will include a series of interviews by Professor of Oral History and Culture Selma Leydesdorff in its collection. These are interviews with survivors of the Sobibor extermination camp and relatives of people who did not survive the camp.


The museum will make the interviews available on its own website, under the title The Long Shadow of Sobibor collection. It is an extensive audiovisual collection, with 31 life stories of surviving relatives of people who were murdered in Sobibor and survivors of the revolt in the extermination camp in October 1943.


In the interviews, the survivors talk about their lives before and after the camp. The survivors talk about the impact the death of their loved ones in Sobibor had on the rest of their lives. Some lost one or both parents, others lost a loved one. In their conversations they tell about the deep traces this has left behind. Leydesdorff tracked down a number of these surviving relatives during the trial of Sobibor camp guard Iwan Demjanjuk, which she attended in Germany.