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The hidden treasure of Sound & Vision

Oral History collections at the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision



Although when most people think of the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, they will probably think first of the Media Museum and the Top 2000, this institute also manages the Netherlands’ premier audiovisual archive. One of the hidden treasures within this archive is the collection of Oral History and Oral History-based radio broadcasts, documentaries and films. A treasure, because these are very valuable collections, including some of the oldest Oral History collections in the Netherlands. But also hidden, because a significant part of these collections has not yet been digitised and those that have been digitised and Oral History-based items are difficult to find without prior knowledge.


In recent months, our intern Myrthe Kroes has been researching Oral History material in the archive of Sound and Vision as part of her internship from the Open University. She recorded her findings in the article ‘The hidden treasure of Sound and Vision’.


Curious about what’s on offer at Sound & Vision? Take a look at our collections and search on Archives: Image & Sound. Based on the inventory of Oral History collections made, the Image and Sound collection on our collection page will be further expanded soon. Besides the mentioned collections, we are also working diligently to add and update the collections-related items in DAAN and where to find them. So it is worth checking our collections page regularly!


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In the section ‘Five questions for Bas Agterberg, Curator of Media History at the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, tells more about collection policy, media history and plans for the future.