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Museums and oral history

In the Museum World, especially at regional museums, oral history is often used to gather (craft) knowledge and connect communities. Yet there are still many steps to be made to strengthen the relationship between oral history and the museum world. With this page, we aim to strengthen the connection between the museum field and oral history.


On this page you will find:

  1. A brief introduction about the expert meeting Museums and Oral history
  2. Project examples and reading tips
  3. A link to the Forum of ‘Talking History’ where you can engage in conversation with other professionals and put topics on the agenda yourself.
  4. Soon the Museums and Oral History Handbook will be available here

Report on oral history and museums


Photo 1: Stedelijk Museum Minidocs World War II and Oral History

Expert meeting Museums and Oral History

On 14 April 2023, the expert meeting ‘Museums and Oral History’ took place. The meeting aimed to map out the issues concerning oral history within museums, to connect and show which oral history projects have already taken place, what the ambitions are, and to find out what steps need to be taken to strengthen oral history in the museum field. The report Oral History and Museums including tips and conclusions can be read here.

Photo 2: Tapestry ”De Molenwijk door elkaar” / a tapestry in collaboration with Annie van Riel, local residents, Framer Framed and BMP Foundation.


Reading tip!


Project examples and reading tip

The Molenwijk door elkaar


In September 2020, the project ‘De Molenwijk door elkaar’ was launched. Carried by a core group of (young) women from the neighbourhood, it sought to connect stories from the neighbourhood with art and culture.


The participants collected life stories through oral history techniques that they presented to the public and they made a tapestry together with an artist that will be permanently exhibited in the OBA Molenwijk.


City Museum and WWII Oral History


Talk along on the ‘Sprekende geschiedenis’ forum’

Play along on the forum. Recently, ‘Sprekende geschiedenis’ has a forum where our community asks questions and exchanges experiences on various topics related to oral history. Talk along, ask your question or engage with others.


Forum ‘Sprekende geschiedenis’


Photo 4: Poster of the exhibition ‘Facing Blackness: Imaging Black People and the Struggle Against It’ , an exhibition that was created using various archival materials, including oral history.

Soon: the Museums and Oral History Manual

The National Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) and ‘Speaking History’ are currently working on a guide to Museums and Oral History. Follow us via the newsletter or LinkedIn to keep up to date with new developments.